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Dr. Susan Schlaf

  • "I have been going to Dr. Schlaf for about 20 years. Whenever I get a severe headache, backache, or strain, my first thought id to see Dr. Schlaf. I have scoliosis and she has kept it from getting worse. She is not the normal chiropractor. She takes time to figure out where your pain is and why. She works on the muscles as well as the skeletal parts of your body. She is amazing! I would probably end up in the hospital with my aches and pains without her. Staff is very helpful with getting into see her, they are great!"
    Donna D.
  • "During my regularly scheduled appointment, Dr. Schlaf asked about the reason for my deep cough. I explained that I was getting over a cold and bronchitis, but that the cough persisted. In addition to my regular treatments, Dr. Schlaf provided treatment to address my cough. I was amazed when my cough had noticeably improved the day and completely gone only a few days later. I will certainly see Dr. Schlaf promptly the time I have a cough and a cold. Thank you!"
    Jan G.
  • "I came to see Dr. Schlaf for a muscle issue in my shoulder blade. After a few sessions with Dr. Schlaf, I was feeling better, but more importantly, I stopped snoring. My snoring was extremely loud and persistent, but now I sleep quietly. I feel more rested. Thank you Dr. Schlaf for giving us back our sleep"
    Norm F.
  • "After suffering from neck pain for months, I finally decided that it was time to try a chiropractor again. I had not seen one in 25 years. I am so glad I did. Schlaf Chiropractic was so different from the services I received years ago. Their state of the art tables, moist heat treatments, and on site massage therapist made me feel like I was going to a spa. I look forward to every appointment. After 2 treatments, I noticed a tremendous difference in my neck pain and was sleeping through the night. I have been receiving adjustments for over a years now and I can honestly say I am a healthier, happier person because of it. Dr. Susan and her staff are helpful and accommodating. I recommend her to many of my friends."
    Marie D.
  • "I came to Dr. Schlaf on a neighbors recommendation. I was experiencing extreme pain in my lower back. She knew immediately what the problem was and exactly how to correct it. What I love about her treatment is that she uses her hands to work on the affected area. She knows precisely how to manipulate the bones. She has also greatly helped with my upper back and neck which are problematic, especially when I've been on the computer too long. Her friendliness and compassion are characteristics you don't always find in a doctor. I always look forward to seeing her."
    Sheri K.
  • "When I first started back with Dr. Schlaf in April 2007, I was so bad, I was in constant pain and could hardly walk. She started me on a path toward wellness by first eliminating my sciatica on the right side over the course of a year or so. When I discovered I needed hip replacement surgery in 2009, she kept me going so I could enjoy my fitness activities of walking, swimming, and cardio. A little while after my surgery, I was able to receive regular adjustments and jump back into my fitness program thanks to physical therapy and Dr. Schlaf. I have continued to get stronger and use more muscles that were weak and dysfunctional through Dr. Schlaf's care of adjustments, trigger point work, and massages. Thank you, Dr. Schlaf!"
    Marji D.
  • "An important part of my personal wellness program is getting regular chiropractic adjustments as well health advice and answers to my questions. Dr. Schlaf is very practical and takes time to listen. I feel that her care and guidance over many years has been invaluable to my remaining active and healthy."
    Ginger K.
  • "It all started with a pulled muscle in my neck. (The kind you get when you whip your head around to yell at the kids in the back seat who are dumping juice boxes on the floor). A short period of every other week treatments and I felt so much better. Now I'm a regular to keep things in good order. When I experience strained muscles from stress or lifting things on my job, the adjustments keep me going for another 5-6 weeks."
    Kristin N.
  • "While doing a simple chore I threw out my lower back! I cannot believe how this one- second event "trashed me"! I was not able to do anything! Through Dr. Schlaf, I now have hope! I see progress! Once I am back, she will teach me how to lift and do simple exercises to make sure this never happens again. I love you Dr. Sue! And Linda- The BEST massage therapist/ healer ever!"
    Ann M.
  • "For the first time ever I went to a chiropractor for a stiff neck. When I left, I couldn't even get into my car because my lower back started to hurt. I went to other chiropractors and physicians for the next year. Still no improvement. My neighbor told me about Dr. Sue, so I took a chance and went to see her. I walked out of her office a "new woman". I hadn't seen her in a awhile in which time my lower back began to bother me again. I made an appointment and walked out of her office at least 75% better in one visit. She treats each person as an individual and meets their specific needs. THANKS DR. SUE!!!"
    Pamela D.
  • "I have been to other chiropractors in the past and I have never met one like Dr. Susan. Her adjustments are gentle, yet firm and it never hurts! She has a massage therapist so I am able to get my adjustment and then a one hour massage. I feel absolutely wonderful when I finish my appointments!"
    Ann J.
  • "I am a pharmacist so I really appreciate being pain free without medications. Two years ago I had severe shoulder pain and constant back pain. A sign of getting old I thought. Dr. Schlaf has worked on my neck, vertebrae, and spine once every two week (which is my choice to come at that frequency and I look forward to the visit). Now I wake up without pain! A sign of getting young I think."
    Julie L.
  • "Dr. Susan Schlaf has been treating my tired and aching body for well over 15 years. She has brought me much comfort and relief, off and on throughout those many years, as well as for my "roomie" Pearl, my bride of 54 years. Her warm personality and cheerful sense of humor adds to the comfort and warmth of these soothing visits. I might add that her charming staff, Toni, Kathie, Karen and Linda help make these visits even more enjoyable. I look forward to them."
    Jack K.
  • "I was very impressed with Dr. Schlaf, her examination skills, professionalism, knowledge and competence even before I received my first adjustment. She explained my diagnosis in easy to understand terms, leaving me with very few questions and expectations that my issues were correctable, and that was just the exam. By the way, I am not new to Chiropractic. I have been to other Chiropractors over the last 20 plus years, so I do have experiences that can compare. Her adjustment techniques were fantastic. She got a lot of movement from my spine during the adjustment. I "really" liked the method she used in adjusting my neck, much different from other Chiropractors I have been to. My first adjustment not only felt great, but you could see the improvement in my range of motion. I am looking forward to my future adjustments and continued improvement in my health."
    Bob C.
  • "Dr. Susan Schlaf has saved me several times in the past decade. Saved me from missing work, saved me from surgery, and saved me from debilitating pain. Dr. Susan is vigilant and determined when it comes to my back problems. Her thoroughness of her exams and adjustments is by far the best. The extra care and personal attention is truly wonderful and nobody is happier than me that Dr. Susan is back! She and her entire staff go the extra mile for their patients and I have been recommending her services for years!"
    John M.
  • "I came back to Dr. Schlaf as soon as I was notified she was back practicing Chiropractic. I couldn't believe that after years of going other places while she was away from her practice, she was back. I've been to other doctors who promised I would get rid of my headaches and other things that came up, but when I walked out their doors, I got a headache, sometimes a migraine. My first visit back to Dr. Schlaf was because both my hips as well as my right leg ached for a few years no matter what I did or did not do. After getting what seemed to be like more of a massage than an adjustment, I didn't have any pain at all! All those years of being in pain were gone in the first visit. Thank you Dr. Schlaf for coming back."
    Denise Z.
  • "I can only describe Dr. Susan Schlaf as an angel sent down to me from heaven. I have been to many Chiropractors in my 78 years on this earth, from New York City to Los Angeles, and many small "burgs" in between, and none have been able to give me the immediate results as Dr. Sue! Some, or perhaps I should say one or two have come very close, but none can measure up to her talents. Her cheerful personality and pleasant demeanor also help make my visits to her office a very rewarding experience. I find myself looking forward to keeping my appointments with her."
    John K.
  • "I had a problem my entire life with constipation. I tried everything, fiber, stool softeners, and nothing really helped until I met Dr. Susan. Tell her any problem that you have, you would be amazed what she can fix!"
    Ann J.

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